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Olympia I

This Olympia I Axeman-Anderson hot water boiler is the perfect combination of efficiency, comfort and reliability, at an affordable price. Installing an Axeman-Anderson OlympiaI boiler will keep your home comfortable and your fuel bills affordable.

  • A.S.M.E. Construction
  • I.B.R. Rated
  • D.O.E. Tested
88.7% Efficiencies with an NPO unit by Axeman-Anderson
  • Fully Insulated Delux Jacket
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Direct vent option which requires no chimney
  • Easy To Service
  • Standard, available stock components
  • Full Wet Base Design
  • Built in Dip Tube
  • Flue Economizers
  • Top-of-the-Line Reliable Controls
  • Highly Effecient Horizontal Fire Tubes
  • Be sure to visit the Literature page for more information


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Cozy rooms, instant hot water for your bath and kitchen...economically and reliably. Heating systems from Axeman-Anderson, for all the comforts of home.

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